Javvarisi Vadam


  • Sabudana(Javvarisi) flour
  • Jeera
  • Green chilli¬†paste

  • Sea Salt

  • Lemon juice

  • Asafoetida




Nutritional Facts

  • Energy- Kcals/100g – 347.60
  • Protein, g/100g- 1.61
  • Fat, g/100g- 0.36
  • Carbohydrate, g/100g- 84.48



  • 100% handmade
  • Naturally sun-dried
  • Made in small batches to retain authentic quality and taste
  • Shelf life 8-10 months
  • Always keep closed in air-tight containers
  • Deep fry in vegetable oil or microwave for 40-50sec

Crispy Javarisi Vadam is a crunchy evening snack flavored with cumin seeds which makes a great side dish with sambar, rasam and with variety of rices. This naturally sun dried beaded snack is made with superior quality of sago, is devoid of preservatives and artificial coloring additives which makes it great to taste and good for health.

This vegan snack is gluten free and works wonders for people suffering from gluten allergies. The sago content in these Vadams help in retention of water, thus,making them perfect to beat summer heat. It is just the right thing for your Childs mid-evening hunger pangs and it does not require you to slog for hours in the kitchen. Just fry them and serve them.

Javarisi Vadam is a perfect treat, which not only refreshes you with its unique taste but also satiates you with its crunchy goodness.



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